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Simple Tips For Reducing Stress & Anxiety

January 27, 2016 in Stress & Anxiety

When you have a bad day, it can seem like everything else in your life struggles as a result. This same idea can be applied to chronic aches and pains associated with your back, spine, neck and shoulder muscles. Whether you have dull or severe discomfort, being stressed or anxious can make the pain that much worse. There are different ways ways you can deal with stress and anxiety. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind about improving your chronic back pain through relaxation and stress coping abilities.

Drink more tea

Do you frequently drink cups of coffee throughout the day? Instead, you might want to switch over to tea to help reduce stress levels, according to Shape magazine. This is because many types of tea - particularly chamomile varieties - act as natural relaxants that can calm nerves and help ease sleeping difficulties. Between the natural antioxidants in a cup of brewed tea, this beverage is great for beating a stressful day.

DR-HO'S Sereni-Tea is the perfect way to address stress and anxiety, as it is a delicious and relieving tea that can be brewed and consumed easily. Made from all-natural ingredients including chamomile and a blend of both Eastern and Western herbs, this tea is designed to help individuals relax their body and mind before bed while also enhancing overall energy levels during the day. By boosting digestive health to minimize stress on the sympathetic nervous system, people can enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle with Sereni-Tea.

Avoid unhealthy coping strategies

According to HelpGuide.org many people rely on unhealthy ways of coping with stress that can actually make the situation worse over time. Activities like overeating, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, spending hours watching TV or surfing the internet and taking relaxation pills can temporarily provide relief, but ultimately serve to delay addressing the source of anxiety.

Exercise more frequently

It should come as no surprise that being glued to your couch or bed can lead to unhealthy outcomes for both your body and mind. Because of this, Shape magazine recommends getting out of the house and incorporating more physical activity into your day. Whether you decide to practice yoga, jog through your neighborhood or join a gym, working out bring numerous health benefits.

You don't necessarily need to commit to an intensive workout routine every day to feel more relaxed and have less pain through exercise. A quick stretching routine or light walk at lunchtime can help reduce stress and anxiety. That's not to mention the back pain relief of improved weight management and increased blood flow.

If you're looking for a better way to relieve tense, sore muscles after a workout session, consider using DR-HO's Pain Therapy System Pro. This device uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy to relax muscles, joints or nerves impacted by chronic pain symptoms. You can control the frequency and pattern of electrical bursts to safely massage away aches and pains, mimicking the relief you would get from a trained massage therapist. Even better, this device can be used at home, in the workplace or on the go, enabling you to enjoy pain relief anywhere and anytime. 

Overall, try to use some of the tips above to relax and de-stress. With so many internal and external stressors life these days can be tough, and relieving stress may require you to make some changes.

  • Gail Gordon

    January 30, 2016 at 1:27 am
    I am so thankful I went to the Women's Trade Show in Abbotsford BC (Nov 2015). I had been on and off over the counter medication for problems with my neck and shoulders and back for quite so time. The symptons were scary I would feel off balance, dizzy and sick to my stomach. I thought it started three or four years ago (but after reading Dr Ho's book "Relief" I think it has probably been building for quite sometime. The Dr's that I saw prescribed pain killers and rest and told me to stand in hot showers and take time off work because I worked on a computer all day. Just before I went to the trade show I had taken a fall across our cement carport and I felt something pull in my neck and after a few days I started getting this off balance/dizzy feeling again and very sore shoulders. So I went back on medication but I decided to still go to the trade show and I am thankful everyday that I did. The first booth I came to was "Dr Ho's" I was reading about this therapy and a lady came by and I asked if Dr Ho's therapy could fix my neck and at that time I literally could hardly move my neck and she was incredible she sat me down in a chair and applied the Muscle Therapy to my shoulders and neck for about 10 minutes. I walked around afterwards for about 10 minutes and I was amazed at how much better those 10 minutes made me feel. I turned around went back and purchased the kit. I will never be without Dr Ho's therapy ever again. I felt like I had gotten my life back. I started doing the five exercises 3-4 times a day in conjunction with the muscle therapy and I was just so relieved that it could have been that simple right from the beginning. I also purchased the neck brace and all I can say is WOW!!! Dr Ho you are amazing and what a gift you are giving to millions of people who can't afford expensive Dr's appointments and are living lives on over the counter medication just to get by. My heart felt thanks to such an amazing man.
    • DR-HO'S

      February 29, 2016 at 12:04 pm
      Hi Gail,

      Sorry for the late response but thank you so much for the lovely words and sharing your story with us! It makes us very happy to hear from customers that have received such incredible relief from using our products. We're so glad that we could make such a positive impact on the way you treat your pain.

      Best of health & happiness!

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