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Spring is around the corner and we can all start looking forward to the forthcoming warm summer months.  I'm sure you have many other things to do during the spring time, but I usually take this time to start my Spring Cleansing Digestive Detox regimen.

Changes in seasons tend to be transitionary phases not only for your lifestyle, but more importantly for your body and its overall digestive health.  This is largely due to the fact that our diets change from season to season.  For example, during the cold winter months we tend to eat more comfort foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, and contain hearty meats, such as beef and pork.  These common winter meals can make optimal digestion difficult.  During the warmer months we eat more raw fruits and vegetables - don't forget that raw foods contain higher levels of bacteria and parasites.  We also tend to indulge in cold, sweet desserts, such as ice cream, that can 'shock' our digestive systems.  These sudden changes in diet make it tough for your digestive system to work normally.  This is why detoxing and cleansing with a change of the seasons is very important as it helps to "reset" your digestive system to work consistently and maintain better digestive health.

Apart from the dietary benefits of a seasonal cleanse, I recently came across a very alarming study that highlights the importance of keeping the body and digestive system clean.  This study was undertaken by EnviroSolutions Consulting Inc. and involved measuring the level of toxic chemicals that reside in our bodies.  The study measured 68 chemicals in the blood of 1,800 Americans, ages 12 and up.  The results found a banned fungicide called hexachlorobenzene in 99.9% of the people tested.  99.9% of the individuals also tested positive for DDE (Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene), which is due to the bodies metabolism of DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), an insecticide that is toxic to both humans and animals.  Now the good news is that the levels of toxins in our bodies seem to be decreasing, but the bad news is that many of the chemicals which were evaluated in this study were banned or regulated many years ago.  In response to the study, Linda Birnbaum, director of the National Institute of Environmental Health, stated that "It's a wake up call - a reminder that chemicals are very persistent in the environment and in the body, and they are going to be with us for a long time1."

It's hard to control the environment around you, but it's easy for you to take your health into your own hands and to make informed decisions that can improve your health.  Seasonal cleansing may not be a cure to all your problems, but it's something that you can do to institute a healthy lifestyle for you and your family and help flush the lingering toxins and bacteria from your body.

Best of Health and Happiness,
Dr. Ho

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