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Video: 7 Exercises for Back Pain Using the McKenzie Method

September 25, 2018 in Exercise & Wellness, Back Pain

Today we are joined by Chapman Fu, the Clinical Director at The Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, to talk about the McKenzie Method: a series of seven back exercises specifically designed...

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How Does a TENS Unit Decrease Pain?

September 17, 2018 in TENS Therapy

Understanding Electrotherapy How does a TENS unit decrease pain? There are two main theories that explain the mechanism of TENS therapy and pain relief: The Gate Control Theory and The...

7 Common Signs of Poor Circulation

August 27, 2018 in Circulation

If you've ever been confined to a long plane ride you're probably familiar with the sensation of poor circulation. Tingling feet, numb limbs, cold hands or toes; these are all...

15% Off The Pain Relief System

August 16, 2018 in TENS Therapy

About the Pain Relief System The Pain Relief System is a TENS unit designed to relieve pain, tension, and soreness without drugs. This TENS unit is the most affordable unit...

15% Off The Neck Therapy Pro

August 16, 2018 in TENS Therapy

About the Neck Therapy Pro The Neck Therapy Pro is a DR-HO'S TENS device that is specially designed to alleviate pain in the shoulder and neck area. This product features a...