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Travel Foot Therapy Pads

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Product Description

DR-HO'S® Travel Foot Therapy Pads relieve foot pain and assist with Diabetic Neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and more. Compatible with all DR-HO'S Pain Therapy Systems. Get more information below!

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What are the Travel Foot Therapy Pads?

DR-HO'S® Travel Foot Therapy Pads are the latest innovation in pain therapy. These foot therapy pads assist in improving the overall health of your entire body - especially the feet and lower limbs. If you suffer from poor circulation, damage from diabetic neuropathy, sciatic nerve problems, or constant pain in the legs, the Travel Foot Therapy Pads are a must-have.


How do the Travel Foot Therapy Pads work?

Regular use of the Travel Foot Therapy Pads helps elevate the blood flow in your lower limbs. With a steady blood flow, it can awaken the nerves and increase nerve sensitivity, allowing motor functions in your muscles to normalize. Proper motor functions in your muscles will give you the power and coordination to live a healthy life.


 DR-HO'S® Travel Foot Therapy Pads also work to relieve:


 Heel spurs

 Fasciitis related pain

 Diabetic neuropathy

 General aches and pains


Important features of the Travel Foot Therapy Pads.

 Some of the important features of DR-HO'S® Travel Foot Therapy Pads include: 


It's powered by the technology of the scientifically proven Pain Therapy Machine.
Clinical studies prove it relaxes muscles, relieves pain, and promotes circulation.
Similar devices claim they assist in treating circulation and other ailments but are not scientifically proven.
It's activated using a stronger, external power source in the Pain Therapy System - more powerful than the plug-in units in the hospital.
The entire system is portable because it operates on batteries allowing you to use it anywhere, anytime.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.





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We understand that pain relief is an immediate need for most people. For that reason, we offer two flexible shipping options to help get you your relief as soon as we can. The Travel Foot Therapy Pads has the two following shipping options:


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Treatable Conditions

Treatable Conditions

What can the Travel Foot Therapy Pads be used for? 


The Travel Foot Therapy Pads assist with sore feet by helping with the following conditions:


Nerve damage in feet and legs
Numbness in lower extremities
Poor blood circulation
Tense muscles
Water retention in joints
Overworked joints
Knee problems

Directions For Use

Directions For Use

How to use the Travel Foot Therapy Pads.


Using the Travel Foot Therapy Pads is simple and can be done easily on-the-go or in the comfort of your own home. Just follow the below instructions and you'll be on your way to living pain-free:


Step 1: Using the connecting wire, connect the Travel Foot Therapy Pads to your Pain Therapy System.


Step 2: Ensure two AA batteries are inserted into the Pain Therapy System.

Note: For best results, use alkaline batteries as they provide a steady stream of power.


Step 3: Lightly spray the Travel Foot Therapy Pads and your feet.


Step 4: Place your feet on Travel Foot Therapy Pads.


Step 5: To activate the Travel Foot Therapy Pads, slowly turn the intensity dial on your Pain Therapy System until you begin to feel the sensation.


Step 8: Adjust the mode and timer to your desired specifications.


Step 9: When finished, clean the foot pads by rinsing them with water and lay out to dry.



Frequently Asked Questions



Do the Travel Foot Therapy Pads run on batteries or does it need to be plugged into a wall?

The Travel Foot Therapy Pads must be plugged into a DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy System to work.


Why aren't the Travel Foot Therapy Pads working?

Ensure that the Travel Foot Therapy Pads are connected to a DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System. Ensure that the batteries in the Pain Therapy system are working.


How can I increase the sensation from the Travel Foot Therapy Pads?

Lightly spray the bottom of your feet and the Travel Foot Therapy Pads with water. Adjust the power dial and the mode on your DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System to a higher intensity.


Is there a separate intensity level for each foot?

No. The Travel Foot Therapy Pads promote an even flow of circulation for your lower feet and lower extremities.