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Hear from the thousands that have tried the 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt


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Meet Fred


"When I first put it on, the very first time, instantly the pain down my legs - the sciatica pain that I had - instantly gone."




Meet Norm


"I like this belt better because it's two belts in one. It will support your back and also stretch your back. it's really, really a big difference compared to a regular belt."



Meet Geoff


"I've had pain in my back and in my legs and both of those types of pain have gone away after wearing this belt."




Meet Bonnie


"My back feels amazing with the Dr. Ho Belt. It feels amazing and saves me time. I can do it on my own. I like how it supports my waist and how it stretches the muscles in my back"



Meet Bernie


"If I feel soreness ion my back, I put the belt on, and I don't feel sore anymore. I can function. I can do things. It straightens me up."




Meet Colleen


"When I'm bowling without the belt, my back, as soon as I bend down, the base of my back hurts. But, when I put the belt on it makes me stay straight up and down so I have more control and my back doesn't hurt."


Meet Dr. Rice


"Dr. Ho's Belt should be used for anyone who drives for long periods, who sits for a long time, who does chores like cooking, cleaning or gardening. Essentially it should be used for activities like lifting, sports, or work."


Meet Gary


"Before, I had so much pain in my legs I couldn't walk. The belt allowed me to walk for the first time in a year without a cane."





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