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Hear from the thousands that have tried the PerfectBack Rest

Meet Simon


"It feels good. It feels really good. I feel like I'm getting a proper arch in my back.  It feels more straight. I don't feel like I'm slouched over, no discomfort. Definitely your mind's got to be in the game."




Meet Joshua


"We need to make sure that people have optimal position while sitting at their desk, and this really supports the lower back and upper back. I really like those acupressure massage knobs, how it's really digging into my paraspinal muscles, my upper back, my rhomboids."



Meet Aliza


"I do medical aesthetics here at Infuse. So I'm sitting and standing all day. So my back does get sore. This feels really good on my back right now, feels very supportive. I can feel it working and kind of putting my back in place."




Meet Melissa


"The chair I'm using right now, it's not very comfy. It makes me slouch over a little bit. Makes my lower back and neck sore. With the Back Rest, I like it a lot. It feels a lot more comfortable to work in. Feels like you're getting a massage while you work, which is always good."



Meet Ramsey


"I'm always hunched over, working over an engine bay, and then I also drive a lot.  I drive seven or eight hours a day, so I'm always on the road, but without this Back Rest it's a big difference that I noticed that it's more comfortable, and I get out of my vehicle and I don't feel the discomfort that I usually have."




See Ramsey at Home


"The Perfectback Rest, I use it in the car. I use it at home. I use it on my office computer desk chair. And I just use it just watching TV or sitting in the backyard, like I'm doing right now. It just makes me feel so much better."




Meet Sophie


"Typically I sit at my desk for about 80% of the day. A lot of the time I find I'm hunched over a lot, but when I lean back here, I feel like I can maintain a good position at the computer. I find with this back rest it actually feels like I'm massaging my middle to lower back."


Meet Marty


"I love it. I think it's very good. It's great, very comfortable. It seems like it just straightens your whole back out. What I like is through riding, and I find out that if I press my foot on the floor board, it pushes your back up against the brace, and it helps you get that massage from these here little massage balls"




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