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Hear from the thousands that have tried the Pain Therapy System PRO


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Meet Henry


"I was a swimmer. I was a golfer. I played football. I played basketball. I jumped   out of airplanes when I was in the military. But as a result, I had some wear and tear. Now, when I'd have some pain and I have some stiffness in my body, I use   DR-HO'S system. I have tried a number of other TENS units. I find DR-HO'S much more powerful."



Meet Brian


"I need something to take me further than what the doctors had done. I laid down with DR-HO'S, and I put it on the back of my neck and shoulder. And the vibrations that were coming through were relieving the pain and was a great feeling of soothing power coming through. It was actually like there was actual fingers massaging my neck and taking the tension out of it"



Meet Lillian


"His machine relieves the stress from my body, so that I can go to sleep. He relieves the pain from my body, so I don't have it anymore. And now that I have found DR-HO'S TENS Machine, I don't have to take pain pills anymore. I recommend DR-HO'S to my friends and my family, and I recommend it wholeheartedly."




Meet Robert


"Pain was located primarily in my rotator cuff, which led to muscle tension across my back and up into my neck. It would affect me in my work a day, my ability to relax and more importantly, my ability to sleep through the night. Since I started using DR-HO'S, I'm finding myself able to get through the work day, much, much better range of motion, no pain and most importantly, a great night's sleep."




Meet Steve


"I use DR-HO'S in the morning, and the pain is almost instantly gone. My muscle tension is relieved, a wave of relaxation, one after the other, and it just feels   great. I can go to work. I can participate in any activities I have to do throughout the day. "






Meet Mandi


"I thought it was going to be painful and uncomfortable but it's actually really relaxing and gentle. I really like the timer feature because that would allow me to get a nice massage as I'm falling asleep really late at night and I find with this device, on the nights that I'm not able to fall asleep, I can actually put it on and get a really nice massage and that helps me sleep and then I can do my job better in the morning."





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