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7 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy in Cold Weather

With winter approaching, the tendency to stay indoors can become more common. We know how tough it can be to stay active and healthy in cold weather, especially for those contending with chronic pain. If you live with chronic pain, you’ve probably felt the temptation to skip out on consistent exercise, despite the fact that exercise if often the best way to help lessen your pain. 

Seasonal changes are known to affect those with pain, as the colder weather can create stiffness in the joints and muscles causing chronic pain to flare up. Regular exercise is a very effective way of helping to reduce the negative effects of cold weather. However, if you’re someone with chronic pain, those simple activities may not be as easy. If you’re finding it difficult to get yourself going, we’ve created a list of seven ways to stay active and healthy in cold weather.

1. Dress in Layers for Outdoor Activity

If you’re someone that enjoys going for walks during the summer months, don’t let winter stop you! Insulating your body properly by wearing lots of layers can help you manage staying warm and dry. If walking is something you do regularly, keeping it up even as the weather gets colder will help you stay active and healthy. It'll also give you the emotional satisfaction of sticking to your routine despite the change in weather. And when the weather cooperates, walking during the daylight hours in the winter can be quite pleasant. The sun can make you feel warmer, improve your mood and help you get some much needed vitamin D1.

How to Stay Active and Healthy in Cold Weather

2. Go Walking or Jogging Indoors

Whether you’re someone who can’t take the cold even with layers, or it's too cold to justify an outside walk, jog or run, we have a solution for you. Go for a walk at an indoor location such as a mall, a community centre such as YMCA or on a treadmill at an indoor gym. Even something as simple as walking around the mall with a friend is an effective way to maintain activity and get your daily steps in while avoiding the cold weather. 

3. Bring the Gym Home

If you aren’t planning on leaving your house to go to the gym, then bring the gym home with you. By creating your own home gym you can avoid the cold weather, while still managing to get your body moving, stretching and burning energy. There are many exercises you can do without any equipment. These can include lunges, crunches, pilates, yoga and more. No matter what you choose or what your exercise capabilities are, 15-30 minutes of continuous activity per day can help to mitigate the effects of chronic pain to help keep your body healthy and moving during the colder seasons1.

yoga for back pain

4. Make Being Active a Part of Your Daily Schedule

By incorporating a better diet and consistent exercise into your daily routine, staying active and healthy during winter can become that much easier:

  • Start your day by stretching to help with posture and increase mobility. Stretching helps lead to less pain when you're going to be engaging in increased physical activity. 
  • Try and take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.
  • Schedule workout or yoga classes at your local community centre, or do your best to incorporate an at-home workout that suits your abilities.
  • Eat three healthy meals per day that provide nutrients and drink plenty of water.
  • Remember to always consult your doctor to ensure you are exercising within your limits. This can help to reduce the changes of injury or further pain.

stay active and healthy

6. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Stay Hydrated

Despite your best efforts, maintaining a constant level of physical activity during the winter can be very difficult. For this reason, staying committed to eating right and drinking plenty of water is even more essential. Sticking to an anti-inflammatory, low-sugar, low-carb diet that's rich in healthy fats is the best solution for those looking to manage chronic pain.

Additionally, drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is essential to sound bodily health. Not only can water help you stay hydrated when you are engaged in physical activity, it can help you maintain digestive health and boost your metabolism. In other words, drinking water can help you keep that winter weight off. 

The mediterranean diet

7. Use DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter

When the weather gets colder, it can cause slow blood circulation to the hands and feet as the body as the body attempts to preserve its core temperature2. In order to stay active and healthy in the cold weather, it's important to keep the blood moving through your entire body and promote circulation.  DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter is powered by the Pain Therapy System. It helps to stimulate nerves and muscles in the feet and lower limbs. The device is used to help with lower-limb pain, but it's also a major help for those who deal with poor circulation.

When your feet have poor circulation it can cause them to become cold, achy, cramped and swollen. The Circulation Promoter encourages blood flow upwards to prevent fluid build up, resulting in better blood flow in the feet that helps reduce swelling and pain. The Circulation Promoter also increases blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body. Better blood circulation helps with headaches and migraines, nerve pain and numbness, joint pain, back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

The Circulation Promoter Product Guide

Do Your Best to Stay Active and Healthy This Winter!

We understand that maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle is challenging at the best of times. Winter is no doubt a time where sitting around indoors is certainly the more desirable option. But doing your best to stick to these tips can give you the advantages you need to properly look after your body during the colder months. Above all, focusing on eating right, daily exercise and managing any pain with DR-HO'S products will help immensely.

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