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TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain

TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is most frequently caused by damage or injury to the soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments that get worn out after years of repetitive use. Lifestyle can often lead to increased shoulder pain and discomfort, as sitting hunched over at a computer is an inevitable aspect of many people's modern lives. Luckily, it is possible to find relief with TENS therapy. Read on to learn about TENS pad placement for shoulder pain.

Get to Know the Types of Pads

You will receive different types of pads when you order your Pain Therapy System or your Pain Therapy System Pro:

Regular Gel Body Pads: These long-lasting, highly-conductive small pads are sized to target painful spots with greater accuracy.

TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain

Large Gel Body Pads: These larger pads are also long-lasting and highly conductive. They are perfect for targeting broader areas of pain such as the legs, the arms and the shoulders.

TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain

Before replacing gel pads, they can both be used between 70-100 times. You can also order Large Pad Replacement Kits and Small Pad Replacement Kits at any time. You can also browse DR-HO'S accessories for other helpful pain-relief products.

Important Notes for Pad Placement

Here are some important tips to consider no matter where you are placing your pads:

  • First off, always place pads on clean, dry, healthy skin
  • Place pads near or surrounding the painful area, at least 1 inch apart
  • Make sure there is a linear path between the two pads
  • Do not let the pads touch
  • Finally, wet the pads with a little bit of water before placing them on the skin

TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain With 4-Pad TENS Unit:

TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain

TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain With 2-Pad TENS Unit:

TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain

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The Guide to Living Pain Free covers the following topics:

  • What is causing your pain?
  • Why is your current treatment falling short?
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TENS Pad Placement for Shoulder Pain

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