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ways to get a deeper night's sleep

Find Out Ways to Get a Deeper Night's Sleep

We could all benefit from learning some ways to get a deeper night's sleep. That said, sleep solutions are even more valuable for those who suffer from chronic or acute pain. A good night's sleep can be very hard to come by for pain sufferers. Aside from waking up due to pain, they can have trouble physically and mentally relaxing before they go to bed. Sleep is important for people with fibromyalgia, sciatica, other chronic pain or arthritis because it helps them start each day with the energy they need to manage their symptoms.

These 5 tips can help you relax and relieve pain before bed so you can fall asleep, and stay asleep.

1. Relax and Clear Your Head

It's important to not carry the stresses of the day into your bedtime routine. Whether it's caused by pain, work or a combination of things, the more stress we carry to bed, the less we will be able to rest. Try to wind down before bed for at least an hour, no matter how busy you are. Find a comfortable spot, turn off the phone or the computer and calm your mind. Read a book, spend time with your family or visualize a calming place. Reducing stress and getting into a peaceful state of mind will better help your body prepare for rest.

ways to get a deeper night's sleep

2. Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Our body temperature naturally drops at night as a way to prepare for sleep. Taking a warm bath or shower a few hours before bed can help this process. Our bodies rise in temperature when we bathe in warm water. After we get out, our bodies experience a more-rapid cool down which causes a relaxing effect.¹ A warm bath or shower can have other positive effects for pain sufferers as well. The heat of the warm water can reduce stiffness in tense muscles, while also increasing blood and oxygen flow to painful areas. Additionally, applying a heating pad to painful areas can help reduce pain before bed. 

3. Use TENS Therapy Before Bed

TENS therapy is a safe and effective way to relieve pain before you sleep. TENS therapy uses electrical stimulation to both relax muscles and override pain receptors in the brain. Using a TENS machine before bed can provide with you with the relief you need to fall asleep quick. DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System Pro is an effective TENS machine that can increase circulation and relax your body with multiple massage settings. Its automatic timer makes it a perfect tool to help you sleep better. Simply apply the pads, set the timer to your preferred setting and the device will turn off by itself.

ways to get a deeper night's sleep

4. Drink Herbal Tea

It's very important to limit your sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake before sleep. If you are going to have liquids before bed, try a nice, hot cup of tea instead. Decaffeinated herbal teas are great bedtime beverages, as many include ingredients found in sleep supplements. Herbal teas such as chamomile, valerian, lavender and lemon balm can help calm you down and make you sleepy. DR-HO'S Sereni-Tea contains all natural ingredients that can reduce stress, aid in digestion and help you sleep better.

5. The Darker, The Better

The darker your room is, the better you will sleep. As it gets darker, our brain produces a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is known as "the sleep hormone" due to its role in signalling to our body that it is time to rest. Our muscles start to relax, our body temperature drops and our eyes get heavy.

Sleeping in total darkness helps the body produce melatonin so that we can fall asleep quicker. Staring into the light of your smartphone or tablet before bed disrupts melatonin production. As tempting as it is to scroll through our phones, the light they give off hurts our ability to sleep. For a better rest, try to turn your devices off before bed and get your room nice and dark.

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ways to get a deeper night's sleep


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