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how tens can help with sciatica

Today, Kathe is joined by Dr. Ho to talk about how TENS can help with sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs down both sides of the body, from the lower back all the way to the feet. Pain along the sciatic nerve is referred to as sciatica. It's a common condition that causes lower back pain and a shooting pain down the leg. In this video, Dr. Ho gives you tips on posture and uses the Pain Therapy System to show you how TENS can help with sciatica.

Transcript: How TENS Can Help With Sciatica

Kathe: Hi everyone. Welcome back to Dr. Ho's healthy living blog. We actually have Dr. Ho with us here today. Hi, Dr. Ho.

Dr. Ho: Hi Kathe. Hi everyone.

Kathe: Now, Dr. Ho's here to answer a very important question we get a lot from everyone out there. What is sciatica?

Dr. Ho: Sciatica is back pain that spreads to your hip and to your leg. It could be a numbing pain, a burning pain, and even like a stabbing pain. It can be disabling. Now, sciatica is caused by tight muscles in your back and in your pelvis. In order to get relief, we have to re-educate the alignment of your low back with a relaxed back muscle and hip muscle, and promote better circulation of the sciatic nerve.

Dr. Ho: Now, you may wonder what else can cause sciatica? You could have a herniated disc. In that case we have to do decompression, or if you're sitting wrong, we have to teach you how to sit right.

Kathe: Okay, is that why so many people suffer from sciatica, because we're sitting wrong?

Dr. Ho: Sitting can cause poor posture, tight muscle, deterioration of the disc which can cause back pain and numbing pain in your leg, absolutely. We have to teach you how to sit right.

Kathe: Okay, so you're going to show us right now how to sit right?

Dr. Ho: Absolutely, follow us.

Dr. Ho: One of the best way to relieve your back pain and sciatica is to use my pain therapy device. This device will output over 300 different types of pain relieving waves, and what it does it relaxes the muscles and improves the circulation and relieve the pain. By putting the big pads here in the low back help to relieve your low back pain. Hold this for me, please, Kathe, thank you.

Dr. Ho: By putting the big pads here on the back of your buttock and the back of your leg will help to relieve that numbing, shooting pain in your leg. By using both together on a regular basis, your back and your leg will feel great.

Kathe: So, Dr. Ho, I'm using the TENS machine on my back, but I find that I get a numbing pain in my leg when I sit for a long time. Is there something else I can be doing?

Dr. Ho: Absolutely. You know, when you sit it can cause back pain because you can slouch. Now, I highly recommend you use my perfect back rest and the attached cushion on your office chair and even in your car. Now, by sitting against this, it help to realign your low back spine and the rest of your posture. By doing that, we take pressure off the disc. We take pressure off your joint, and most important we help to relax the muscle to relieve your back pain and the numbing pain in your leg.

Dr. Ho: Because when you don't sit right, you put pressure on that disc, you put pressure on the nerve, and you can get serious pain. Now, when you use it together with TENS unit, that is the best.

Kathe: Okay, so Dr. Ho, this is the same perfect back rest that was just on the chair, but we're on the ground now. Can we use this on the ground?

Dr. Ho: The perfect back rest is the perfect tool to realign your spine, to reshape your spine, so if you use this every day, you keep your spine very healthy, help to relieve back pain and sciatic pain too.

Kathe: Okay.

Dr. Ho: Now go ahead and use it. Now first of all, yeah, pull that against the buttock, and just go ahead and lean right back. Go lay right down, and feel reshaping your low back.

Kathe: Ahhh. Wow. Yet, there's like a lot of support that I'm not used to when I lie down.

Dr. Ho: Exactly. Now, when you sit, your spine, your low back becomes too straight. By putting the back rest here, I'm actually reshaping the low back to restore the curvature which reduce the pressure on the disc, reduce the back pain, and especially for herniated disc, reduce sciatic pain down the leg. So you will love this. Do this every day. It just keep your spine nice and healthy.

Kathe: Dr. Ho, thank you so much for teaching us about what sciatica is, how to relieve that pain, and how to just kind of sit properly so we're not constantly in pain. Any kind of last words of advice for everyone out there?

Dr. Ho: Well, my mission in life is to help you relieve your pain so you can live a better life, a more active and healthy life with less pain. So, look after yourself, please.

Kathe: That's great advice. All right, we'll see everyone next time. Bye.

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how tens can help with sciatica

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