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This Belt Relieves Back Pain

15% Off the Back Relief Decompression Belt

Use the code DBELT15 for 15% off the Back Relief Decompression Belt. This offer ends September 24, 2018. This is our best-selling device for lower back pain. Find out how this product can help with your back spasms, tension, and chronic pain below.

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What is the Back Relief Decompression Belt?

Our Back Decompression Belt is a clinical grade traction and decompression therapy belt. It has two primary functions: back support and back traction. Learn more about how back support and back traction can help ease pain, relieve tension, and improve posture long-term.

How Does the Decompression Belt Support the Back?

The belt can be worn throughout the day, under or over clothing, and to bed to give the spine and lower back additional support. Support can prevent muscle strain and improve posture which can help ease pain or tension. Contrary to the commonly held myth, back support belts do not weaken the muscles long-term. The back belt can hold your back in proper alignment and increase mobility.

How Does Back Traction Work?

Back traction, or back decompression, is the process of creating space between the spine by stretching the back vertically. The back belt inflates to provide this traction at home. You can inflate the device to your comfort level and feel pain relief caused by a slipped or inflamed disc.

What People Are Saying About the Back Decompression Belt

This belt is one of our best-selling products for lower back pain, so it's not surprising that we receive emails, letters, and reviews from happy customers. People are excited that drug-free pain-relief is an available option. Some testimonials even claim that they stopped using harsh drugs after using this support belt for an extended period of time. We're always happy to hear that our pain relief products are capable of changing people's lives for the better.

"It Really Works"

"I purchased your belt approximately 2 months ago. Being somewhat skeptical, I can honestly say it works. I've suffered with lower back pain for over 38 years, and have tried many treatments. This belt really works! Thanks." - Mike

"It's Wonderful to Have Less Pain"

"Stretch and support back belt, I feel much better after using my belt. It helped to relieve my lower back pain longer period time. I can mow my yard, get in my vehicle easier, and walk a long distance without pain. It is wonderful to have less pain." - Jimmie

"Relief at Last"

"I am 81 years old and have chronic low back pain (24/7) I have used Dr. Ho's for only 3 days and definitely feel a difference! I wear it non-inflated for support. Two or three times a day, I inflate it for traction while lying down. Today, I wore it uninflated in the morning and inflated for an afternoon nap. I was able to not wear it for several hours in the afternoon. I hope this keeps up. So far, so good." - Tony

Try the Back Relief Decompression Belt

Beat your lower back pain. If you're ready to try a drug-free, at-home treatment to ease your lower back pain, try the Decompression Belt.

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