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What Does Electrical Stimulation Do?

September 06, 2018 in TENS Therapy


Anyone who has lived with chronic pain can attest to the constant discomfort this physical condition can bring. It doesn't matter if you're at work, home or out to dinner - frequent shooting pains in your lower back, neck, or afflicted area, can make it difficult to enjoy the most basic parts of life. Because of this, many people who are trying to escape the pain are on the lookout for new treatment methods that don't require them to take prescription medications.

If you've been suffering from sharp, shooting pains or widespread pain, you might want to consider a TENS machine. Never heard of this device before? Here is some beginner's information about TENS machines to provide you with some background on this revolutionary form of treatment.


What Is It?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This machine is often a small, portable device that runs on battery power, allowing it to be easily transported to relieve pain in a variety of circumstances. You can use this to treat back pain resulting from a variety of circumstances, ranging from surgery to a car accident or old age. The TENS machine relies on controlled electrical charges to reduce acute pain sensations.


What Does Electrical Stimulation Do?

As mentioned above, TENS machines use electrical signals to treat pain. Users begin by attaching electrodes to the affected areas of the back. Once the machine has been switched on, mild electrical pulses travel through the electrodes to the nerves located directly below the skin.

The body's nervous system recognizes pain by sending similar electrical signals from injured muscles to the brain. The TENS machine can modify these natural electrical pulses to reduce the brain's perception of pain, often helping to reduce discomfort with a tingling sensation.


Are There Any Contraindications?

TENS machines should not be used while driving and should not be used if you have a heart condition or Pacemaker.

The electrodes should also not be placed on the front or sides of the neck, near the mouth or over the eyes. This is because the electrical signals can cause more discomfort or harm if they are located too close to the upper spine or brain.


Are You Interested in Trying Electrical Stimulation?

If you're interested in TENS therapy and suffer from chronic pain, start with DR-HO'S. DR-HO'S products are drug-free and don't require a prescription or harsh chemicals to help reduce pain. Visit our website to learn more about pain-relief products that use electrical stimulation to alleviate discomfort. Click here to learn more about the Pain Therapy System.


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