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How to Experience Spinal Traction for Lower Back Pain.

September 06, 2018 in Back Pain

Living with frequent lower back pain can be a difficult situation to deal with. Whether your symptoms are a mild ache or serious discomfort, regular pain has a tendency to weigh on the mind. This can be a disruption to your work responsibilities, family time and personal life.

However, before you head to the doctor seeking a surgical procedure or prescription painkillers, you might want to consider the health benefits of spinal traction and a spinal decompression back support. Never heard of this option before? Here is some basic information to keep in mind about this revolutionary and effective treatment avenue.

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spinal traction

What is Spinal Traction?

According to WebMD, this type of therapy is a non-surgical procedure that involves motorized traction to reduce chronic back pain. By gently stretching the spine, individuals can experience greater relief of pressure over time. A product like the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt can allow this process to be done in the comfort of your own home.

Spinal traction is administered through spinal decompression therapy and has been used to treat a variety of conditions associated with back and spine pain. Common conditions that can benefit from this practice include sciatica, neck pain, worn spinal joints, injured nerves in the spine and degenerative disc disease.

How Does It Work?

The American Spinal Decompression Association reports that spinal decompression therapy may reduce much of the strain and distractions that can occur in the spine, whether it's due to old age, injury or a number of other common factors. This process involves gradually extending the spine to separate the vertebrae, allowing a vacuum to form within the spinal disks.

This negative pressure created by the vacuum effect can often cause any bulging or herniated discs to retract. This takes some of the strain off of any nerve roots that may have been compressed by the spine. Over the course of repeated decompression therapy, water, oxygen and nutritious fluids outside of the discs can move into the spine to help any tears or damage heal.

Can This Be Done At Home?

While in the past, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy was primarily available by visiting a specialist, Dr. Ho has enabled individuals with back pain to practice this treatment option at home. Through the use of a Dr. Ho belt designed to relieve pressure in the lower back, people can take greater control over their physical symptoms without the need for invasive surgery or expensive prescription drugs.

If you're seeking more information about how to experience spinal traction through spinal decompression therapy, visit the Decompression Belt landing page. 

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