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This Grandfather of 10 & Veteran Beat Back Pain in an Unexpected Way.

June 03, 2018 in News & Products

Henry Decided Not to Live in Pain.

We met Henry a few years ago and he sat down with us to talk about his life then and his life now. Henry is a chronic pain sufferer—but that doesn't define him—he's also a father, a grandfather of 10, a retired military personnel, an avid golfer, and an adventurous athlete.

"I was a swimmer. I was a golfer. I played football. I played basketball. I jumped out of airplanes."

Harry always greets us with a bright smile. He told us about his desire to stay active. As we age, naturally we experience wear and tear that can result in pain. As a retired member of the military, Henry experienced even more strain than the average adult. He talks about his past, which included jumping out of airplanes.

Henry pictured using The Pain Therapy System Pro

"I have tried a number of other TENS units. I find DR-HO'S much more powerful."

Henry uses The Pain Therapy System Pro and uses the electrodes during the day and during the night to ensure he wakes up ready to be active and enjoy life on his terms. When we asked Henry why he uses DR-HO'S instead of an alternative TENS device he told us about his first attempts with other machines.

Henry pictured using The Pain Therapy System Pro

"It's given me my life back, and it's given me the life that I like."

Henry felt his pain manifest in the form of muscle tension, stress, and even loss of sleep. It's not uncommon to miss out on regenerative sleep because of distracting pain. Many chronic pain sufferers refrain from engaging in physical activity because the pain is simply too much. Henry decided he did not want to live his life in pain.

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"I want to be active. I have 10 grandchildren and I want to play with them and I want to enjoy the life that I have with them."

Henry decided that he wants to be present, active, and pain-free with his 10 grandkids. Pain can often leave people drained of energy and unable to participate in activities they enjoy with people they love. He didn't want the pain to take another minute.

Watch Henry's Full Story Below.

Henry Uses The Pain Therapy System Pro

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