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Welcome to DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter

Do you suffer from poor circulation that can be felt as numbness, tingling, or shooting pains down the legs or arms? DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter is designed to help improve circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate aching feet and legs, and relieve pain, tension, and stiffness.

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What is the Circulation Promoter?

DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter is a device that is powered by DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System. The unit is able to contract and relax the calf muscles at different rhythms to pump built up fluid from your feet and legs up into the rest of the body. The device can help prevent blood clotting and unpleasant symptoms associated with poor circulation like numbness, tingling, or nerve pains.

The Benefits of the Circulation Promoter

DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter is capable of gathering fluid that results from slow blood flow and reducing swollen or puffy feet that lack necessary circulation. The machine uses TENS therapy to flow the blood and fluid upward from the lower body into the upper body. This treatment is 100% safe and can help with the following:

  • Reduces swelling
  • Alleviates aching feet and legs
  • Relieves pain, tension, and stiffness

Is the Circulation Promoter Easy to Use?

The Circulation Promoter is easy and convenient to use. Follow the simple instructions below to get the most out of your unit or watch the instructional videos below to find out how to use DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter unit and baseplate.

 Step 1Ensure 2 AA batteries are inserted into the Pain Therapy System
Note: For best results, use alkaline batteries as they provide a steady stream of power.
Step 2Insert one end of the connecting wire into the Pain Therapy System device and insert the other end of the connecting wire into the Circulation Promoter
Step 3Use the spray bottle to spray water on the foot pads on the Circulation Promoter and then use the spray bottle to spray water on the bottom of your bare feet.
Step 4Place bare feet onto the footpads on the Circulation Promoter.
Step 5To activate, slowly turn the intensity dial on the Pain Therapy device until you begin to feel the sensation
Step 6Adjust the mode to your desired massage specifications and set the automatic timer by pressing the time button to your desired duration: 10, 20 or 40 minutes.

Watch the Step-by-Step Instructional Video

Watch the videos below for a step-by-step instruction on how to use the DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter unit and baseplate.

What Does DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter Come With?

The Circulation Promoter offers three distinct packages that come with different items. Explore the contents of the Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate packages below.

Basic Package - Circulation Promoter

  • Circulation Promoter
  • 4 Small Massage Pads
  • 2 Large Massage Pads
  • Circulation Promoting Foot Massage Pads
  • Travel Bag
  • Instructional DVD

Deluxe Package - Circulation Promoter

  • Everything in the Basic Package +
  • 16 Small Massage Pads
    ($64 value = 2 x $32)
  • 4 Large Massage Pads
    ($29.98 value = 2 x $14.99)

Ultimate Package - Circulation Promoter

  • Everything in Deluxe Package +
  • DR-HO'S Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt ($59.99 value)
  • DR-HO'S Therapy & Support Band ($44.99 value)
  • DR-HO'S Pain-Ad Pain Relief Spray ($29.99 value)

Get Yours Now!

If you enjoy the pain-relieving benefits of TENS and Massage therapy, don't miss out on the product that makes pain relief and improving circulation possible without drugs or invasive treatment.

DR-HO’S® Circulation Promoter

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