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Dr. Mailie Harris from The Chiropractic Wellness Studio joins us to demonstrate five core workouts you can do at home. It's important that when we work out our core, we do so safely and recover with a good stretch. This will ensure we are isolating the correct muscles and not causing tension build up or strain. These exercises are gentle on the body but can enhance strength in the abdominal centre.

Core Exercises and Recovery Stretches

Dr. Mailie Harris stresses the importance of paying attention to the spinal alignment and neck posture while engaging in popular core workouts. She also demonstrates stretches that are compatible with each exercise, to keep the body flexible and free from tension. You can expect to see the following workouts.

1. The Ultimate Core Crunches

Area of Focus: Abdominal

Exercise: Stomach Crunch

Stretch: Cobra

2. The Spinal Stabilizing Plank

Area of Focus: Erector Spinae

Exercise: Plank

Stretch: Cat Cow

3. The Elongating Side Stretch

Area of Focus: Quadratus Lumborum

Exercise: Side Plank

Stretch: Bent Side Reaches

4. The Butt Burning Glute Workout

Area of Focus: Gluteal

Exercise: Bent Leg Lifts

Stretch: Supine Figure 4

5. The Toned Leg Lunge

Area of Focus: Iliopsoas

Exercise: Straight Leg Raise

Stretch: Lunge

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