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This is What You Need to Ease Back Pain At Home

November 28, 2017 in Back Pain

Those with back pain know that symptoms can often disrupt your regular routine and leave you stressed and in pain. You may not always have the time or means to make it to a trip to the doctor when back pain symptoms occur. That's why it's important to know what to do to ease back pain at home.

The Source of Stress-Related Back Pain

If you feel stressed, chances are you have back pain; here's why. Your body is made up of a nervous system that is meant to protect you. The nervous system controls your blood vessels, organs, and glands without conscious effort. It's composed of two parts.

  1. The Sympathetic Nervous System: The fight or flight system that is activated when you have a demanding task or stress.
  2. The Para-Sympathetic Nervous System: The rest and digest system that is activated when your body is resting, repairing, and replenishing.

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The Nervous System Creates Back Tension

When you're under stress your sympathetic nervous system accelerates your heartbeat, raises your blood pressure, releases adrenaline and cortisol, and unconsciously tenses your muscles. You may not even notice it! But when you're stressed the big muscles in your back and shoulders, and the little muscles in your neck are "holding" stress.

The Solution to Back Pain

If you don't deal with the stress you've been holding, it will build up and become more painful. Your muscle fibres collect in "knots" and are shortened, which means less range of motion and more spasms. There are a number of ways you can release this tension. A few of these ways include:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Hot therapy (using a heating pad or hot towel)
  • Foam rolling
  • TENS therapy

How to Relieve Tension with the Pain Therapy System.

TENS therapy starts working right away! The Pain Therapy System can help to relieve pain and tension that you carry in your back muscles. Watch Dr. Ho demonstrate how to use the machine below.

Follow the simple instructions below and you'll be on your way to living a pain-free life:

Step 1: Ensure 2 AA batteries are inserted into the system.

Step 2: Attach the gel pads to the connecting wire.

Step 3: Peel off the plastic protective cover. Keep the cover, as you will need to cover the gel pads after use.

Step 4: Slightly spray water to the sticky-side of the gel pads and wait several seconds.

Step 5: Apply the gel pads to the intended muscle area on the upper back, lower back, neck, or shoulders (do not place it on the front of the neck).

Step 6: Connect the wire to the Pain Therapy System.

Step 7: To activate, slowly turn the intensity dial until you begin to feel the sensation.

Step 8: Adjust the mode to your desired massage specifications.

Step 9: After each use, replace the plastic protective cover onto the sticky side of the gel pads.

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