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Dr. Michael Ho shows us how we can stretch out neck pains and strains wherever we are. These four simple stretches are mindful of the delicate muscles in the neck and effective in releasing built up tension that can lead to headaches or decreased range of motion.

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1. Gentle stretching

Dr. Ho says that a common misconception people have is that extending their neck and stretching it with force can help alleviate pain. Using too much force to stretch your neck can actually lead to spasms and more pain. Ensure you stretch the neck gently to be mindful of the small and complex muscle systems running down the trapezoids.

2. Side head shakes

Loosely shake the neck from side to side to relieve tension. Hearing cracks or pops is normal because you are waking up the joints and bringing circulation to the surrounding muscles.

3. Lower back extensions

Pay attention to your lower back. If your lower back is flat, it is likely that you will be experiencing anterior head carriage. This is when the head juts out in front of the spine. Aligning the back properly and standing tall can help relieve neck pain long term.

4. Modified push ups

If you spend a lot of your time participating in small static movements like typing at a desk, it's important to engage in larger muscle movement. Take regular breaks to engage the muscles in modified push ups. You can do this exercise against a surface like a counter top.

Try These Techniques Today

In today's society we spend a lot of time sitting, slouching, and craning our heads over devices. Neck tension is becoming more common and the demand for relief is increasing. Start by adjusting your posture and experimenting with these drug-free tactics. If neck pain persists you can also try using TENS therapy to deal with pain long term.

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