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New video! How to use a TENS Machine for lower back pain.

September 07, 2017 in Back Pain, TENS Therapy

New Video: How to Use a TENS Machine For Lower Back Pain

Watch our new Healthy Living Vlog video to learn more about how to use a TENS machine to relieve lower back pain. Dr. Michael Ho has worked with a lot of back pain in his practice. Back pain is the number one cause for disability. Eight in ten adults will suffer from back pain in their life. Back pain should be treated sooner rather than later so that it doesn't turn into chronic pain. If you do have chronic back pain, it's still possible to improve pain levels. Practice the following suggested steps to lessen the instances of lower back pain and get back to your life.

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How can you relieve back pain?

Relieving acute or chronic back pain can be done by first relaxing the back muscles and then improving circulation of the nerve and blood vessels so the body can begin to heal itself. In many cases, you do not need invasive surgery and you may not need drug solutions. In many cases, you can relieve back pain at home.

How do you relieve lower back pain with The Pain Therapy System?

  1. Place the large gel pads on the lumbar/lower back area
  2. Turn on the TENS device
  3. Choose a custom mode
  4. Set the timer for your selected time
  5. Slowly adjust the intensity until you feel the deep impulse
  6. Enjoy the different massage modes
  7. Use for 20-30 minutes
  8. Engage in several back exercises

When will I feel an improvement?

Engage in the above steps twice a day for four consecutive weeks. You will begin to feel changes in your back pain within the first week. Maintaining a routine guarantees that the changes will be long-term instead of temporary.

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