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Sciatic Nerve Pain: Physiotherapist Demonstrates 5 Exercises to Beat Sciatic Nerve Pain

July 21, 2017 in Sciatica

5 Stretches for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica pain comes from irritation of the sciatic nerve and can cause numbness, tingling, burning and aching in the back and thighs. Depending on the severity of your sciatica, the discomfort can range from mild to extreme pain. There are a variety of ways that patients can ease sciatica pain including engaging in daily stretches.

Watch registered physiotherapist, Kris Wong from Active Health Centre in Markham demonstrate five simple stretches that can be performed in the comfort of your home. Start stretching out irritable sciatic nerve pain.

1. Side hip lean

10 reps 3x a day

Start with a wide stance and stand beside a table or counter top. Shift your weight toward the table top, try touching your hip and then lean over to the other side. This will give the nerves a stretch to help alleviate discomfort or symptoms down your leg. Rotate and do the same movement on the other side.

2. Lower back rotation

10 reps 3x a day

Start with a wide stance and rotate as far as you can to one side. Come back to the centre and repeat this motion to the opposite side. Stop when rotating when you feel the symptoms become uncomfortable.

3. Back hip lean

10 reps 3x a day

Face the table or counter top you have been using, give yourself some room and lean forward until your thigh is on the counter edge. Then lean as far back as you feel you can. Complete all repetitions of this.

4. Neck and foot stretch

10 reps 3x a day

Sit at the edge of a chair, put one leg straight out in front of you with your toe pointing to the ceiling. Try to slouch forward as far as you can. Look up with your head as you stretch your toes upward. Lower your neck as you lower your toes and point them forward. This will help the tension in your neck.

5. Elevated neck and foot stretch

10 reps 3x a day

Once your symptoms are no longer felt while stretching the neck and foot, you can progress by elevating one foot on a stool. Perform the same exercise with your toes and neck up then toes and neck pointed down in repetition. The stool will encourage a deeper stretch.

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