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Who is Dr. Ho? Get to Know the Man Behind DR-HO’S

June 14, 2017 in Dr. Michael Ho


Dr. Michael Ho, a father, an engineer enthusiast, a business-man, and a doctor. You may have seen him on TV, but do you really know the man behind the brand? Dr. Michael Ho developed DR-HO'S with passion and with the mission to provide pain relief to people. Find out who Dr. Michael Ho really is, and how his business came to be.

Dr. Ho's Background, Education, and Practice

For as long as he can remember Dr. Michael Ho has had a keen interest in body mechanics. He was fascinated about how the body works, how our lifestyles affect our physical well-being and the capabilities of modern technology and medicine.


Dr. Ho studied Pre-Med at the University of Calgary and went on to study at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and become a chiropractor. He then worked as an intern until opening his own practice in Toronto, Ontario. He has worked with patients in many countries including Canada, the United States, Sri Lanka, and China.


His clinic began specializing in treating patients with chronic pain like migraines, fibromyalgia, whip lash, and back pain. Soon his clinic became known for specialty in pain-relief and attracted patients from around the world.

Dr. Ho's Belief About Chronic Pain and Treatment

Dr. Ho believes that the body is an incredible machine with the capability for innate healing. Under the right conditions he believes the body can restore itself to health without invasive interventions or harmful chemicals.

Dr. Ho values the holistic approach that addresses diet, exercise, sleep, attitude, and access to effective pain relief. He acknowledges that for some, surgery or medication is necessary but for many, making lifestyle changes and using non-invasive therapy can restore a pain-sufferer to a full and healthy life.

How Did Dr. Ho Develop The Pain Therapy System?

Dr. Ho used a TENS unit in his clinic on patients. Patients continually would turn around and ask, "can I take this home to borrow?" Dr. Ho recognized the pattern, TENS therapy is incredibly effective for relieving chronic pain.

Soon Dr. Ho teamed up with engineers and began developing his own system that he could give to his patients for at-home use. After many developments, trials, and improvements The Pain Therapy System was born.

Dr. Ho promoting his products on TV.

What is Dr. Ho's Mission for DR-HO'S Pain Relief?

Dr. Ho was inspired by the potential of providing pain relief, once he saw the positive effects that this pain relief had on his patients his passion only grew. Receiving testimonials, letters, and comments from customers is his real reward.

Knowing that the efforts of years of development of DR-HO'S products has led to happier and healthier lives for people has inspired the company to keep expanding.

DR-HO'S now has a variety of non-invasive products including the innovated Pain Therapy System Pro, The Digestive Cleanse, The Circulation Promoter, and more.

Thank You!

The customers, the patients, the fans of DR-HO's Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, and all of the support that has been received is why making pain-relief products continues to be possible. The DR-HO'S team and Dr. Michael Ho himself are proud and happy to be able to contribute to healthier living for thousands of people.

Dr. Michael Hosciatica

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