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It's important to make changes just as the seasons do. The clocks have moved forward and so will we! This spring, instead of simply cleaning out our closets we are opting for a deeper clean. The new spring cleaning is for your digestive system.

Spring Cleaning Your Digestive System

The fat stored in your body during the winter is waiting to be shed. Spring brings an insulin-sensitive state, higher dopamine levels, and a faster metabolism. Participating in a digestive cleanse can help speed up the process for your body and reset your system before summer. There are three essential steps needed for a successful cleanse and one additional step needed to continuously improve your diet long-term.

1. Detoxify

Detoxifier capsules contain anti-bacterial ingredients that rid the digestive system of built up toxins. These toxins cause symptoms such as gas, bloating, or energy depletion. Detoxifying jump starts the body for a new season by boosting your energy.


2. Cleanse

A prebiotic cleansing powder eliminates built-up waste inside the intestinal walls. The mix is dense with fiber; this binds to the waste and promotes regular bowel movements. Irregularity can be common in the winter season when our bodies are low in fibrous fruits and vegetables. Cleansing rids the body of this built-up matter. Click here to learn more about causes and treatment of irregularity.


3. Regulate

Regulating is just as important as detoxifying and cleansing. An herbal tea that is made from natural and effective ingredients can encourage a calm and restful state. Chamomile, malva, and peppermint are only a few of the many all-natural ingredients that help promote regularity.


4. Improve

Improve your vitamin and mineral intake by taking an essential multivitamin daily. DR-HO'S Essential Multivitamin delivers more than 40 nutrients in one serving. Getting more vitamins will also give you more energy and higher immunity.


The All-in-One Cleanse

The DR-HO'S 30-Day and 90-Day Digestive Cleanses include the three essential cleansing steps with detoxifier capsules, a cleansing mix, and an herbal tea. Try this cleanser to see fast results before the summer season. Feel leaner, more energetic, and more regular in 30 to 90 days.

The Essential Multivitamin

DR-HO'S® Essential Multivitamin is the final step needed to ensure the positive results of a cleanse are maintained long-term. Adding more vitamins to your diet can leave you feeling energetic, more regular, and with a higher immunity as a result of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants included in the comprehensive formula.


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