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New research is out and it is pretty shocking. Sure we all know that we should be going to the gym and getting our daily recommended exercise but what are the tangible benefits? Turns out there are a lot. Iowa State University scientists studied more than 400 healthy adults and compared gym members to non-members. The study makes us want to sign up ASAP.

Comparing Health in Non-Members & Gym Members

Non-membersGym Members
Exercised an average of 137 minutes a week.Exercised an average of 484 minutes a week.
18% met the guidelines for both physical activity and strength training.75% met the guidelines for both physical activity and strength training.
14 times less likely to meet weekly physical activity guidelines.14 times more likely to meet weekly physical activity guidelines.
Higher resting heart rates. Lower resting heart rates.
Lower cardio respiratory fitness.Higher cardio respiratory fitness.
Larger waist circumferences.
Smaller waist circumferences.

Lifestyle Benefits of Being a Gym Member

Gym members were also shown to receive significantly more cardiovascular exercise in a week. Cardio alone can help you:

  • Sleep through the night soundly
  • Relieve high stress levels
  • Promote a positive mood/ attitude
  • Increase energy levels

Social Benefits of Being a Gym Member

  • Meeting new people
  • Opportunity to try new classes (yoga, Pilates)
  • Additional services (tanning, massages, child care services)
  • Juice bars and sportswear stores

Get Signed Up!

A gym membership can be an investment but it looks like it ends up being a worthy investment in your short-term and long-term health. Find a local gym near you to get a start on your healthy lifestyle goals. It may not be January 1st but hey, better late than never!


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