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DR-HO'S Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager
is only $99.99 THIS WEEKEND (Dec 9-11)

This product is one of DR-HO'S® best selling gifts for the holiday season! Can you see why? Everyone wants heated massages available at-home, at any time. Find out more about the game-changing features, treatable conditions, customer stories, and more!

DR-HO'S Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager

Features that Make DR-HO'S® Shiatsu Massager a Customer Favourite

The Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager has many features that allow the massage to feel professional, relaxing, and pain relieving. A few of these include:

• Deep kneading Shiatsu Massage nodes
• Soothing heat that is adjustable to your comfort level
• Multiple massage modes so you can customize your type of massage
• Extra-soft, smooth velvet material that is comfortable against your skin
• U-shaped design that allows the Shiatsu Massager to sit comfortably on your neck & shoulders
• Additional hands straps so that you can pull down for fully personalized massage intensity

What are Customers Saying About Their Massager?

Who Would Love to Unwrap the Shiatsu Massager This Year?

Neck and shoulder pain is familiar to most of us. Everyone carries tension in their upper back, shoulders, and neck which eventually can lead to painful symptoms. The Shiatsu Massager is a perfect gift for anyone who suffers from the following conditions or symptoms:

  • Neck pain & shoulder pain
  • Cluster headaches or migraines
  • Poor circulation
  • Stress & tension
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Upper back pain
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Poor range of motion

Guess Who Else Would Love the Shiatsu Massager?

YOU. Treat yourself this holiday season. DR-HO'S® Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager is not only for relieving unwanted neck and shoulder pain, this at-home massaging device is perfect for any relaxing evening. Massage bills can add up, and not everyone has the time to book an appointment everytime their neck starts to feel tense. With DR-HO'S® Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager you can enjoy a heated massage anytime, in the comfort of your own home. Don't miss out on the incredible deal of receiving this device for ONLY $99.99!

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Woman using the DR-HO'S Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager.

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