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blog-bannerNatural Defence Mechanism

There is a theory being considered by researchers and scientists about why our bodies plague us with such uncomfortable head pain, this includes: tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines, and all the nasty symptoms that come along with them. When someone is suffering from a full-blown migraine their instinct is to lock themselves in a dark, quiet room and hibernate until symptoms pass. And this could be exactly what our bodies’ had in mind. Apparently, head pain could be a protective mechanism against environmental stressors. When we smell pungent scents, feel a large drop in temperature, encounter a dusty room, loud noises, or an oncoming storm, our body gives us a signal to seek out a hospital environment. Unfortunately, that signal can come in the form of excruciating pain.

Why Our Bodies Want Us to Hide from Fall Weather

Fall is a beautiful time of year. In certain climates around the world mornings get a little colder and a lot darker, the trees become a vibrant orange, and we begin to get cozy in anticipation for the holiday season. For some, the change in weather can be a major enemy for painful ailments. The drastic change in temperature, dry air, onset of storms, and high winds that often come with fall, can cause head pain. Our bodies want to protect us from this sudden change and it can take time to adjust. There is no avoiding the biological and genetic factors that play a part in the cause of migraines. Two thirds of migraine cases run in families! It is hard to accept that you are doomed genetically to suffer from headache or migraine symptoms, which is why it becomes important to recognize what you can control. You can help prevent headaches and migraines before they even happen.

Gain Some Control Over Your Headaches & Migraines

You can never be 100% sure to prevent headaches and migraines but you can learn to control and expect them. See what Dr. Michael Ho has to say about treating your migraine symptoms.

Dr. Michael Ho says that, "One of the most important things you can do is monitor the factors that activate your headache or trigger your headache, and once you identify what makes your headache worse or what can cause a headache to come on, you can start to eliminate or reduce those factors." Some of the most common triggers of headache and migraine symptoms include:

-High Stress
-Muscle tension
-Poor circulation
-Drinking alcohol
-Sensory overload
-Sleep deprivation
-Hormonal changes
-Straining the eyes
-Food additives

These environmental factors can be regulated to reduce your risk of feeling unpleasant symptoms. Now that the weather is changing, try to keep your body on a consistent schedule. Eat small meals frequently, obtain 8 hours of sleep, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, stay hydrated, drop the cigarettes, and ensure you are not carrying muscle tension in the neck or shoulders. These are only a few of the ways you can nurture your body and avoid head pain. Visit our Headaches page to learn more, or read more about your headache and migraine symptoms. You can also download the FREE Guide to Understanding Pain below.


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