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Animals Can Help Ease Your Chronic Pain

September 09, 2016 in Stress & Anxiety


Here at DR-HO's we are always encouraging natural pain solutions, and what better way to naturally relieve pain than by feeling the therapeutic company of your furry friend. We know that pets can be used for assisting the blind, contributing to policing efforts, and even monitoring blood sugar in diabetics, but we now know that pets are useful for many other reasons. Here are just a few ways pets can improve your chronic pain and your overall well-being.

Animals help with...


1. Chronic pain

A recent study showed that 34% of fibromyalgia patients reported pain relief, a better mood, and less fatigue, after visiting with a therapy dog for 10-15 minutes. An additional study focused on patients who had undergone joint replacement surgery and found that after visiting a therapy dog daily 28% of patients needed less pain medication than patients who did not visit the therapy dogs.

2. Cancer

Cancer-patients benefit both emotionally and physically from animal-assisted therapy. Dogs have been shown to decrease depression, loneliness, stress, and increase motivation in both children and adult cancer-patients.


Traumatic events can leave individuals feeling variations of pain and emotional debilitation. Witnessing or participating in war, being assaulted, or enduring a natural disaster are all relevant kinds of trauma that cause stress. Programs are now available for veterans suffering from PTSD to be paired with a comforting service dog or cat.

4. Depression

Animal-assisted therapy has shown to be especially effective in warding off depression and other mood disorders. Pets allow for company, as well as a sense of responsibility and camaraderie. This form of therapy is now recognized by the National Institute of Mental Health as an effective type of psychotherapy for treatment.

5. Social Skills

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disability that makes it harder to communicate and interact with other people. ASD animal-assisted therapy programs are now available to help kids with ASD to connect better with others after interacting and connecting with their therapy animal. Programs have been trialed with a variety of animals, including the traditional dog companion all the way to the nontraditional alpaca, dolphin, or chicken.

6. Alzheimer's

Animals are now available to help individuals plagued by brain-destroying dementia to perform daily tasks. The canine caregiver program trains dogs to assist with medication, reminders to eat, and general guidance. Old age homes and residencies also often have a pet to occupy the building and help support and keep the residents happy.

7. Stress Reduction

Interacting with pets has a calming effect. In fact, studies show that after patients made contact with their pets they had lower levels of anxiety and the fear response as well as elevated levels of calmness.

Pain Solutions

If you too are struggling with pain, you should find treatments that will bring you further relief as you snuggle up with your pets at home. DR-HO is known for natural and effective at-home pain relief treatments. Check out DR-HO'S pain relief products here or download our free eBook Guide To Understanding Pain to get to the bottom of your painful symptoms. Start living pain free!



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