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6 Ways to Stay Pain Free After the Long Weekend

September 02, 2016 in Back Pain


Labour day is the annual holiday that celebrates the achievements of workers. And what better way to celebrate work than by not working? Labour day was founded on the labour union, which began the eight-hour day movement, a movement that advocated for eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation, and eight hours of rest. We know that finding a balance between rest and work can be the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We encourage a balance in all things: a balanced diet, a balanced exercise regime, and a balanced work day. Here are some ways you can stay pain free when you're back to work on Tuesday.

1. Stay pain free on your commute.

Many of us do not live a mere 5-minutes from our place of work. Often getting to work can mean trains, bikes, car rides, and back pain. Sitting for an extended period of time can have us arriving at work tense and bothered. Next time you are planning on posting up in a car seat make sure to bring along a form of back support to guarantee your spine is reset for the day. DR-HO'S Perfectback Rest is a portable back support system that is designed to shape to the natural curve of the spine, unlike the average chairs that cause our backs to slump forward.

2. Adjust your chair.

Many people never even think to adjust their chair. You can be sitting in your office chair for months before realizing that your feet have to sprawl out or your legs have to cross in order to sit comfortably. The height of the chair should be adjusted so that your feet sit flat on the floor. This prevents a need to lean back or slouch over in order to position the feet comfortably on the ground.

3. Have back support at work.

This is an easy solution to correct posture throughout the day. An office chair becomes a second home for many full-time workers. Having a comfortable chair should be a priority, and yet chair designers often do not take into account the importance of spinal support and posture. Having a back rest that shapes to the natural curve of the spine makes a huge difference once you tally up the amount of hours and days you spend slumped in your chair. DR-HO'S PerfectBack Rest is engineered to encourage healthy posture, fit to the shape of the spine, reduce muscle tension, and massage the back with 16 pressure point massage knobs.

4. Get up for occasional walks.

Staring at a screen or sitting in a chair for a prolonged period of time can be more tiring than it seems. The circulation begins to slow, legs can feel numb and tingly, and extra weight is put on your spine. While sitting, the lower back is responsible for propping up the upper back, which adds additional strain to the spine and contributes to tension in the shoulders and neck. Use your break time to walk around, allow blood to circulate throughout your body, and avoid eating lunch sitting in your office chair. Occasional walks can help wake you up and your spine will appreciate it.

5. Pack healthy lunches.

Feeling pain free at work can often involve having a balanced digestive system and an adequate amount of energy. Ensuring you have had a nutritious breakfast can make or break your work day. Instead of slugging down 3-5 coffees, try to gain a sustainable boost of energy through a balanced diet. Pack a healthy lunch the night before and enjoy the gratifying feeling of both saving money and saving that sluggish feeling you may have felt if you stopped by the local pizza joint for your mid-afternoon meal.

6. Grant yourself downtime.

It is clear that balance is important. Sometimes we use our time off of work to put in even more work. We catch up on unfinished projects at home, do laundry, make meals for our families, and run errands. These are all necessary tasks but it is also necessary to make time for rest and relaxation. Take time out of your day to do something for yourself that counters the work grind. Whether this means allowing yourself a movie evening, going to a workout class, seeing friends for a dinner out, or simply reading a book in bed. Staying pain free can also mean managing stress and taking care of your body.


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