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How to Bounce Back Quickly From a Back Strain

April 12, 2016 in Back Pain

How to Bounce Back Quickly From a Back Strain

For many individuals, back pain is simply a fact of life. It becomes something you need to deal with on a regular basis, but every so often, there are particular pulls and strains that cause the type of discomfort that you just can’t ignore.

According to WebMD.com, back strains can occur from lifting a heavy object in an awkward fashion, repeatedly bending over or during intense physical activity. Not only can they occur in a variety of everyday activities, but they can also be rather difficult to bounce back from without the proper form of treatment.

bounce back from a back strain

Identifying a Back Strain

So how do you know that you have a back strain rather than just soreness? First and foremost, most individuals experience a particular stiffness in their backs that prevents them from performing simple movements and when they push it a bit too far, this results in pain in specific areas. If the injury is significant, swelling can also occur, which means that individuals with back strains will have to take the appropriate steps to treat the ailment.


According to Men's Health, applying a heating pad on the affected area is a step in the right direction but this can be even more beneficial if it is used in conjunction with ice first. Use an ice pack or wrap up a few cubes in a towel and place it on the strained area for 20 minutes at a time every few hours, and when the swelling has decreased, using a heating pad can help speed rehabilitation.

Using DR-HO’S® Magic Heat Pad for heat therapy can effectively reduce muscle tension and pain. This heat pad can be used repeatedly over many years, making it a wise investment for those with chronic pain symptoms.

back strain

Ultrasound and electrical stimulation like DR-HO’S®Pain Therapy System Pro, have also proven to be very effective in reducing the pain and discomfort that comes with a muscle strain. Delivering transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment, this device designed by Dr. Michael Ho helps to loosen up muscles and can provide relief after a 20-minute session. Individuals can simply attach the adhesive pads to pained muscles and joints to enjoy soothing electrical massage therapy, similar to that provided by a massage professional.

This could prove to be invaluable for those who suffer from sports-related injuries or the effects of old age. With significant strains or pulls, the system can be used more than once a day to help individuals improve their strength and flexibility while rehabbing from an injury.

For more treatment ideas, visit Dr-HO's Back Pain page.

DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System


Along with these tried-and-true methods of treating muscle strains, pain sufferers should also consider a range of stretching and back-strengthening exercises to prevent future injuries. Talk with a doctor or a physical therapist to create a less intensive fitness regimen that can add strength and flexibility to the affected area and take the proper steps to reduce re-injury.

Click the following link to learn more about sports-related injuries.

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  • Lorato Letsholo

    April 26, 2016 at 3:03 am
    I am suffer from back neck arms and legs pains almost every day. Please help.
    • DR-HO'S

      April 26, 2016 at 10:47 am
      Hi Lorato,

      Suffering from multiple types of pain can be very tough but there are solutions out there which can help you manage your pain a lot better. I suggest that you try our Pain Therapy System as it is proven to help relieve pain and tension.

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