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Chronic back or neck pain can be the result of a variety of causes, many of them physical in nature. Between degenerative diseases that can wear down the protective lining of the bones and muscle strains that can occur during heavy labor, there's no shortage of ways your spinal cord can become impaired. However, you might be surprised to learn that certain psychological conditions can lead to frequent pains in your back or neck as well.
Using products such as Dr. Ho's Decompression Belt or Dr. Ho's Pain Therapy System, can provide soothing relief of back pain symptoms on a daily basis. The Decompression Belt employs traction therapy to relieve pressure on spinal discs, while the Pain Therapy System delivers controlled bursts of electricity to massage pain away in muscles and nerves.
However, not all stretching exercises are created equal, as certain workouts are more beneficial for your back than others. To make sure you focus your efforts in the right area in addition to using these Dr. Ho products, here a some great exercises to try for treating your chronic back problems.

If you have neck pain but you don't think it's a result of a general anxiety disorder, visit our Neck and Shoulder Pain page to learn more.

Hamstring Stretches

OAccording to WebMD, hamstring stretches are specifically designed to target the joints and muscles in the upper leg and lower back. You can take advantage of this exercise by lying flat on your back and bending one knee to start. Next, place a towel under the arch of your raised foot and use it to pull your leg straight up toward the ceiling with your hands. Holding this position for between 15 and 30 seconds, you should feel a gentle pull in your hamstring and lower back. Finally, lower your foot and repeat two to four times for each leg.

Lower Back Rotational Stretches

If you want to work out the kinks impacting the sides of your lower back and spine, The Mayo Clinic recommends the lower back rotational stretch exercise. Begin by lying on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands together on your chest and rotate your legs so that your knees touch the floor on one side. After holding this position for about 15 seconds, rotate your legs so that your knees touch the other side. You should repeat this activity two to three times for maximum gain.

Wall Sits

Another ideal exercise that stretches the muscles in your lower back is the wall sit. According to WebMD, you can begin this workout by standing about a foot away from a wall with your back facing it. You then lean backward until you come in contact with the wall, lowering your body until your knees make about a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 10 seconds before moving your back up the wall again, then repeat between eight and 10 times.

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