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(Image from: Agora Cosmopolitan)

In many cultures, garlic is considered the go-to herb for ailments ranging from the common cold and the flu to stomach problems or athlete's foot.

But more recently, scientists at the Jiangsu Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention considered the consumption of raw garlic and whether it affected one's chances of developing lung cancer. The results were published online in the journal of Cancer Prevention Research, reporting that consumption of raw garlic at least twice a week could significantly decrease your chances of lung cancer, even if you are a smoker. It is believed that this is related to a chemical named allicin, which is released when raw garlic is crushed or chopped.

Just how common is lung cancer in Canada? Lung Cancer Canada reports that it is the most common form of Cancer in Canada, with 1 in 12 Canadians diagnosed each year.

Before you go running to gobble down some raw garlic though, the first thing to remember is that adults should not eat more than one or two cloves of raw garlic each day as it can upset the gastrointestinal system (and possibly offend those around you since garlic can cause rather fragrant breath).

Knowing this, how exactly can you eat raw garlic? It can be difficult, to say to least, to just pop it in your mouth, chew and swallow. Here are some easier ways you can try:

1. Garlic Toast.

Simply mince the garlic, mix it with butter, and spread on your toast, bread, whichever you want!

2. Garlic Dip.

You can mix the raw garlic in any sort of dip, or salsa, or salad dressing, even your pasta sauce!

3. Guacamole.

A lot of people complain that avocado by itself lacks a bit of flavor, but that's not the case when you make guacamole! Throw in some raw garlic, but depending how much you put in, you may not even taste the garlic.

4. Mashed Potatoes.

You can add minced garlic to the mashed potatoes and just mix them in. It will add a bit of kick to the potatoes.

5. Raw Garlic.

If you're really so inclined to just eat the garlic as a clove or just minced on a spoon, be very sure that you don't forget something like olive oil to coat and protect your stomach, even if you're chasing the garlic with a large glass of water.

AFTER the garlic, if you're not a huge fan of chewing gum, some basil or mint leaves can also help to get rid of the potentially fragrant breath.


Have you ever tasted raw garlic? Do you frequently use it? If so, comment and share your recipes below!

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