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Circulation Sleeve

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Product Description

DR-HO’S® Circulation Sleeve is an accessory designed to be used with all versions of DR-HO’S Pain Therapy Systems to provide 360 degrees of stimulation for the calf, knee and thigh area of the leg. It comes with an adjustable Velcro strap and one size fits most.

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What is the Circulation Sleeve?


DR-HO’S® Circulation Sleeve is designed to provide support and protection for your lower limbs while providing the benefits of TENS technology to relieve muscle tension and pain. This accessory works with the Pain Therapy System & Pain Therapy System Pro to help target specific areas of your calf, knee and thigh area of the leg.


How does the Circulation Sleeve work?


The Circulation Sleeve is lined with a new and innovative energy conducting material which helps to stimulate the muscles and nerves in the lower limb to help reduce lactic acid and swelling, relax muscles, and relieve tension and pain.The Circulation Sleeve is easy and convenient to use. Just wrap the sleeve around any part of your leg or knee and plug it into your Pain Therapy System or pain Therapy System Pro to experience the complete benefits of TENS therapy. Where the Small Gel Pads and Large Flex Tone Gel Pads work to zero in on specific spots on your body, the Circulation Sleeve can wrap all the way around the leg to treat a greater surface area of pain. 




Precautions and contraindications: Do not use over skin that is damaged with abrasion or cuts. Using the sleeve on an open cut can cause severe pain.


*DR-HO'S® unit required for operation. Unit not included with purchase. Can be used with any DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy System.*





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Treatable Conditions

Treatable Conditions

Treatable Conditions


The Circulation Sleeve can be used to with any of DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy Systems. The Circulation Sleeve can help provide relief for those suffering from the following in their legs: 





Circulation problems

Neuropathy from diabetes


Restless leg syndrome

Post stroke weakness


Directions For Use

Directions For Use

How To Use the Circulation Sleeve


DR-HO'S Circulation Sleeve is to be used by anyone who requires stimulation on their calves, knees, and thigh area. 


Step 1

Spray an adequate amount of water onto the silver conducting cloth inside the sleeve.


Step 2

Wrap the Circulation Sleeve tightly around your calf, knee or thigh.


Step 3

Connect the wire to the Circulation Sleeve.


Step 4

Plug the wire into the Pain Therapy Device.


Step 5

Turn on the device, adjust the intensity to your desired comfort level, and relax.

Precautions and contraindications: Do not use over skin that is damaged with abrasion or cuts. Using the sleeve on an open cut can cause severe pain.



Note 1: Keep your legs in a loose and relaxed position during treatment.
Note 2: It is recommended that each treatment be a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes. You may treat yourself longer if you like. For serious and chronic conditions, treat yourself 3 to 5 times per day. As your condition improves, reduce the frequency as needed.
Note 3: For best fit, keep your legs straight while putting the sleeve on your knee.
Note 4: If you feel a stinging sensation during treatment, that usually means the conductive material is too dry. To restore good function, simply spray more water on the silver conducting material inside the sleeve.





Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Circulation Sleeve work with any device? 


The Circulation Sleeve is compatible with DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System and Pain Therapy System Pro. The Circulation Sleeve is powered by the TENS, EMS and Massage technology of the Pain Therapy System and Pain Therapy System Pro. One of these systems is required in order to use the band.

What does the Circulation Sleeve work best for?


The Circulation Sleeve works best on your entire leg, whether on your calf, knee or thigh area.