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Anti Pressure Insoles

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Product Description

DR-HO'S® Anti Pressure Insoles are revolutionary new shoe insoles that provide relief for knee, ankle and foot pain. With 110 unique pressure-sensitive air pumps, these are unlike any other shoe insole on the market today.

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What are the Anti Pressure Insoles?

DR-HO’S ® Anti Pressure Insoles are revolutionary new shoe insoles that help provide relief for knee, ankle & foot pain. By offering a more comfortable experience walking, running, or simply sitting with the feet better supported, the Anti Pressure Insoles can also relieve back and hip pain.


How do the Anti Pressure Insoles Work?

These air orthotics are unlike any other shoe insole on the market today because they are embedded with 110 unique pressure-sensitive air pumps and a shock-absorbing heel plate. They are also reversible, to provide a soothing, foot reflexology massage. As you walk the Anti Pressure Insoles evenly distribute your weight, massage your feet, and absorb the shock of every step.


Why would someone need the Anti Pressure Insoles?

We are constantly on our feet. Whether we are walking around our house, exercising, making it to work, or running errands, our body weight puts pressure and stress on our feet every day. Improper foot support can not only cause pain in the feet, but allow this pain to travel up the ankles, knees, legs, and even hips and lower back. Finding support throughout the day can ultimately be a major solution to reoccurring pain and fatigue. 


Every Step Counts!

Enjoy the comfort and support of air beneath your feet. Once you try DR-HO'S ® Anti Pressure Insoles, you will be a step closer to relieving foot and back pain. 





Two quick and easy shipping options.


We understand that pain relief is an immediate need for most people. For that reason, we offer two flexible shipping options to help get you your relief as soon as we can. The Anti Pressure Insoles have the two following shipping options:


Canada Post Expedited - (3-8 Business Days) $9.99
Canada Post Express - (3 Business Days) $24.99


We also offer free shipping on all orders over $300 before tax, and provide a 25% discount on shipping when you buy more than one product. 


Read our full Shipping Policy here.

Treatable Conditions

Treatable Conditions

What can the Anti Pressure Insoles be used for? 


The Anti Pressure Insoles can be used to help with many different lower body ailments, including:


Foot, ankle, and knee pain
Lower back pain
Hip and leg pain
Arthritic and diabetic feet
Hypersensitive feet

Directions For Use

Directions For Use

How to use DR-HO'S® Anti Pressure Insoles


With DR-HO’S ® Anti Pressure Insoles it has never been easier to walk and live more comfortably in your shoes. Simply slip the insoles into the bottom of your footwear and feel the shock-absorbing and pressure-sensitive air pumps work to support your every step.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is there only one size of the Anti Pressure Insoles?


Yes, DR-HO’S ® Anti Pressure Insoles are designed to fit comfortably in a large range of shoe sizes. If you receive your insoles and they do not fit your footwear to your liking, feel free to take advantage of our famous 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Does the package of insoles come as a set?


Yes, the Anti Pressure Insoles come as a set, with an insole for each foot. Feel free to purchase more than one set at a time if you would like support for multiple pairs of shoes. 


Are the Anti Pressure Insoles beneficial for diabetics?


Yes, we recommend this product especially for individuals with diabetes. The massaging and pressure-sensitive pumps can help to promote circulation to the feet.