DR-HO’S Holiday Gift Guides: Great Gifts for the Struggling Sleeper in Your Life

DR-HO’S Holiday Gift Guides: Great Gifts for the Struggling Sleeper in Your Life
November 24, 2020

Great Gifts for the Struggling Sleeper

Gifting is hard. With so many options, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and overthink the perfect gift. At DR-HO'S, our gift guides are designed to help gift-givers narrow down some great ideas that their loved ones will find real value in — because ultimately, we want to give gifts that our loved ones will enjoy and that will help them get more out of life.

Let us help you narrow down the choices and find the perfect gift (or two) for the struggling sleeper in your life. Seeing a family member, a close friend or a loved one constantly fighting to get quality sleep at night due to things like chronic pain, stress or anxiety can be difficult. And at a time of year where we are all looking to bring a little more joy into the lives of the ones we love, why not try and address their sleep problems with a helpful gift?

A lack of proper sleep can have a major impact on our quality of life and lead to a number of health issues. From impaired mental function and the perpetuation of pain symptoms to a constant feeling of tiredness and grogginess, sleep deprivation takes a physical and mental toll. 

It can be difficult to see your loved one not feeling like themselves due to a lack of sleep. So in order to help them try and sleep better without the use of drugs or harsh prescriptions, try one of the sleep aids below! Read on to find our top picks for gifts for the struggling sleeper. 



1. Yogasleep Dohm Classic The Original White Noise Machine

The Yogasleep Dohm white noise machine can offer soothing relaxation at nighttime to help lull a struggling sleeper into a deep, restful slumber. Complete silence can sometimes be bothersome to those who struggle to fall asleep or conversely, noises from the street or house-settling sounds can be disturbing, too. A gentle, white noise in the background can help block out disturbances which can allow your special someone the chance to get better, more restorative sleep without waking up throughout the night.



2. DR-HO’S Neck Pain Pro

This is DR-HO'S most recently-launched TENS device and it might be the most innovative. A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy device is an effective, drug-free way to relieve pain, improve circulation and relax tense, tight muscles. This personal-use device offers powerful stimulation from the comfort of home for relieving head, neck and shoulder pain that might be keeping your struggling sleeper up at night.

And TENS isn't the only technology behind this device — the addition of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) works in tandem with TENS to effectively target aches, pains and soreness regardless of the cause and get a struggling sleeper one step closer towards better sleep at night. Plus, DR-HO'S Proprietary AMP (Auto-Modulating Pulse) Technology delivers over 300 types of constantly-changing stimulation to prevent the body from adapting to the treatment. This means that your struggling sleeper will reap the benefits of the Neck Pain Pro for longer!


3. BedJet 3 Climate Comfort

The BedJet 3 provides on-demand cooling, heating and sweat-drying from underneath the bed covers. This can help someone who struggles to sleep at night due to chronic pain find the optimal nighttime temperatures. The powerful cooling function wicks away heat and moisture for relief, and can be a great solution for sleepers who experience hot-flashes and night sweats. Alternatively, cold sleepers will love how quickly the BedJet can warm up the bed, preventing cold feet at night. A BedJet is the perfect sleeping accessory for temperature-sensitive sleepers seeking the optimal temperature for a better rest.


4. Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment

Tea can be a powerful sleep aid; herbal teas such as camomile and peppermint can be part of your struggling sleeper’s evening routine, helping them wind-down from a busy day, release tension from muscles and get ready for bed. Caffeinated teas can also be a great alternative in the mornings for the person who finds that coffee disturbs their sleep schedule. Introduce your loved one to a wide variety of soothing or energizing teas in this Tea Forte tasting assortment that can help them adjust their sleep schedule and get back on track towards a healthier lifestyle. 


5. Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser Set

Essential oils can be the perfect sleep aid for restless sleepers who find their mind racing at night. Help your loved one ease their way into a deep slumber after a stressful day with aromatherapy; Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times to promote healing and well-being through natural plant extracts. The Anjou diffuser set comes with a quiet diffuser that mists for up to 8 hours and 10 therapeutic-grade essential oils to fill the room with soothing aromas that can promote better sleep and distract from sensations of pain.



More on the DR-HO'S Neck Therapy Pro

Finding an efficient and successful way to relieve tension and soreness that keep a struggling sleeper up at night is essential to improving sleep quality and getting back into a proper sleep schedule that promotes better well-being.

The Neck Therapy Pro is an at-home pain relief tool that makes the perfect addition to a struggling sleeper's evening routine; the TENS therapy that powers this device works to provide electrical stimulation that "blocks" pain signals from reaching the brain. EMS works to knead and massage painful muscles while DR-HO'S proprietary AMP technology delivers over 300 types of stimulation to keep the treatment unpredictable so that the device continues to work effectively over time.

Plus, this TENS device is customizable with various settings and is ergonomically-shaped for extreme comfort! Show your struggling sleeper how much you care with a meaningful gift that can help alleviate the chronic pain that keeps them from getting proper sleep. 




Delight that special someone with a gift from the heart

We hope that our gift guide has inspired you to get the perfect gift that will help the struggling sleeper in your life this holiday season. Hopefully, you’ve found something meaningful that can make a difference in your loved one's life and their journey towards finding better sleep.