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Relieve Pain After a Workout With These Two DR-HO’S Products

May 13, 2020 in Exercise & Wellness

The faster you can relieve pain after a workout, the better.

Whether you're a seasoned workout veteran or someone who is embarking on a new exercise regimen, pain after a workout is completely normal. It may not make it any less uncomfortable, but this soreness is actually a positive sign. Why? It's a sign that your muscles are working to get stronger.

This soreness is so common it even has a name: Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (or DOMS). Setting in following a new or particularly intense workout, DOMS is the result of inflammation in the affected muscles. Simultaneously, the exercised muscles will microscopically tear and the fibres will break down only to build themselves up stronger.

Nevertheless, it helps to have a way to relieve and, if possible, speed up this recovery from DOMS. Why? The sooner your muscles feel better, the sooner you can be up, moving, strengthening and toning your desired muscle groups. Plus, for working out so hard, you deserve some relief from the discomfort!

Relieve pain after a workout

DR-HO'S products can relieve painful muscles after a workout and help them recover

So how can you relieve pain after a workout so that DOMS doesn't last for a prolonged period of time? Icing can work, but it can be hard to target sore muscles and penetrate far enough. Rest can work, but this will take longer. Massage is an excellent way to relieve muscle pain, but it's not exactly easy to get a professional massage while you're stuck at home.

In order to help fitness pros and beginners relieve pain after a workout, DR-HO'S has two new products that are perfect for finding effective relief at home: The Percussion Massager and the Triple Action Back Belt.

relieve pain after a workout relieve back pain at home

1. The Percussion Massager

DR-HO'S Percussion Massager is a handheld device that users can use to target tight, tense, cramped and spastic muscles with quick, repetitive pulse massage stimulation. It's ideal for those looking for a way to relieve aches and pains and speed-up workout recovery.

The Percussion Massager uses percussive therapy — also known as vibration therapy — to send rapid, targeted bursts of concentrated pressure into the muscle tissue. If you've ever been to a registered massage therapist, their goal is the same during a traditional soft-tissue massage. Essentially, this concentrated pressure helps to relax the tightness and relieve soreness in various muscles. Unlike similar methods such as foam rollers, percussion therapy helps you target muscle soreness with consistent, effective pressure you couldn't achieve manually.

This type of stimulation can also help to increase blood flow to a specific muscle area, which can help to reduce localized DOMS inflammation.

Perfect as either a pre-workout muscle warm-up or a post-workout pain reliever, the Percussion Massager is ideal for those at every fitness level.


relieve pain after a workout

2. The Triple Action Back Belt

The Triple Action Back Belt is an ideal asset regardless of whether you're strength training, working out your core or dealing with general/post-workout pain. Unlike traditional back support belts, the Triple Action Back Belt combines incredible core and lumbar support with TENS & EMS stimulation.

TENS uses safe, low-level pulses of electricity to stimulate the nervous system and "block" pain signals from registering in the brain. It also promotes the release of endorphins: the body's natural analgesic. Conversely, EMS causes muscles to contract and relax. This decreases inflammation, encourages muscle activity and improves blood flow in certain areas.


Like all of DR-HO'S TENS machines, the Triple Action Back Belt uses proprietary AMP (Auto-Modulating Pulse) stimulation. Most TENS machines offer a single, predictable mode of electrical stimulation. Eventually, the body learns to bypass this stimulation and continues to deliver pain signals to the brain. With AMP, the Triple Action Back Belt provides over 300 types of stimulation that prevent your nerves and muscles from adapting to the stimulation.

Looking for more core support for high- to mid-level intensity training? Something to relieve DOMS? Or just something to help you get up and move around without back pain? This TENS-enabled back belt also provides support and stability you can rely on.  The inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion provides customizable lower-spine support and can help with posture. Additionally, the Dual-Core Support Band keeps the midsection stable and strong so you can stay active with confidence.

Relieve pain and get back to living with DR-HO'S

DR-HO'S has always been committed to helping people relieve pain and get back to living healthy, active lifestyles. Pain means different things to different people. While some battle with chronic pain conditions, others deal with lingering injuries, bouts of acute pain or post-workout pain. So while the two products above are excellent for those looking to relieve pain after a workout, they are also ideal for those battling any sort of pain. Whether it's lower back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, lower limb pain DR-HO'S pain relief products can help anyone find meaningful relief.

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