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You Can Prevent Neck Pain In Your Sleep.

Have you ever gone to sleep feeling fine and woken up with neck pain? You try to turn your head, and suddenly, you realize you've lost range of motion because of unpleasant tightness, tension, and even spasms.

This is an unfortunate side-effect of sleeping in a misaligned position. When your spine is contorted in an unnatural way for an extended period of time—your pain will remind you the next morning. There are a few tips you can use to make sure you prevent neck pain in your sleep and wake up feeling fully rested and pain-free.

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1. Match Pillow Height to Sleeping Position

The sleeping position you choose influences the kind of pillow you should be using to keep your neck in alignment with your spine. Ensure the pillow you sleep on is not too high or too low for your neck. Using a pillow that is too high is more damaging to your neck. Sleeping on a flat surface without a pillow is actually the best way to align the head with the spine. Unfortunately, we've gotten used to more comfort than a hard, flat surface. Try to stick with thin pillows that refrain from over-extending your spine.

2. Use a Feather Pillow

Pillows filled with feathers are softer on the neck and allow the shape to easily conform to your ideal spinal curvature. These pillows need to be replaced every year, as they tend to lose their shape over time. There are many foam pillows on the market that claim to alleviate neck pain. Don't sleep on a foam pillow that is too firm, this can be hard on the natural curvature of the spine. 

3. Get a Neck Pillow

If you’re an avid traveler, make sure you have a neck pillow on hand to support your neck when you doze off. Whether you’re on the plane, train, or back of a car, an unnatural bend in the neck while sleeping can mean a lot of pain the following day. A neck pillow relieves the weight of the head from the network of muscles in the neck. Our product, the Neck Comforter inflates to your comfort level, so you can experience neck traction that's right for you. 


4. Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is traditionally the worst sleeping posture for your back and your neck. Sleeping on your stomach forces your neck to turn to one side and can result in cramping and over-flexed muscles that will ache in the morning. Try to stop this bad habit and start sleeping on your back for the best neck posture.

5. Use TENS to Alleviate Neck Pain

Preventative methods are important but sometimes you need to deal with neck pain right away. These are the times you reach for TENS! Placing the pads of a TENS machine onto the sides or back of the neck can send a pulsing massage across tense neck muscles. The Neck Therapy Pro is the first TENS product to feature this technology in a comfortable neck pillow. Simply place the pillow around your neck and shoulders and choose your mode. Start massaging neck pain away!

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The Neck Therapy Pro is a drug-free solution that can be used to temporarily relieve pain associated with headaches, neck and shoulder pain. It can also help promote good posture, to reduce strain on the neck muscles, lower pressure on vertebral joints and discs. The Neck Therapy Pro also eases irritation on spinal nerves responsible for tension headaches, neck, and shoulder pain.

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