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If you're hesitant about starting pain medications to treat your neck pain, you may be looking for a holistic course of action instead. A holistic and natural approach can promote healing without the adverse effects of prescription drugs. Where neck pain is concerned, there are a number of unique technologies and devices available for relieving joint and muscle tension.

In particular, DR-HO’S Shiatsu Massager is great for relieving the tension in your neck that may have been building up throughout the day. Not only can this reduce pain symptoms but it can also increase blood circulation and help emphasize greater posture. The DR-HO’S® Shiatsu Massager™ can be your first step on the road to pain relief.

While you're enjoying the regenerative effects of natural and holistic treatment, it's also important to protect your neck and spine from further strain. Here are some everyday tips to help manage your chronic neck pain.

Improve your driving technique

According to Everyday Health, 
the time you spend in the driver's seat can either help or hurt your neck pain, depending on your posture and technique. Staying vigilant on the road requires constant focus, which can worsen the stress of driving if you're sitting in a poor position. 

Keep in mind that your seat should be adjusted with the back straight up at a 100 degree angle. This will keep your spine in the proper position to minimize strain on your neck and upper back muscles. Letting your elbows lie on the arm rests will also allow you to hold the steering wheel at 3 and 9 o'clock for greater comfort. Finally, make sure your headrest effectively supports the back of your head to keep your neck straight.

Repositioning your computer

If you sit behind a computer for several hours a day, this is another situation where proper posture can make a world of difference in reducing your chronic neck pain symptoms. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign notes that 
repositioning your computer monitor and keyboard are two simple ways to reduce strain while sitting at work or home.

Ideally, the top of your screen should be right in front of your eyes, reducing the need to tilt your neck down while typing. If your monitor does not extend in height, consider positioning it on top of a book or small box. Your computer keyboard should also be easily within reach so that your elbows are on your chair's armrests, much like properly holding a steering wheel.

Computer users frequently find themselves leaning forward towards the computer screen, affecting their posture and straining their neck. Use the DR-HO’S Shiatsu Massager while in front of the computer so you can relieve your tense neck muscles with the gentle shiatsu therapy.

As you're working, it's also important to take regular breaks to relax the muscles in your back and neck. Going for a quick walk every 30 minutes to an hour can reduce muscle stress.

Better sleep habits

Sleeping on your back is often the best way to keep your spine straight, and a firm pillow can offer extra support for your neck.

The DR-HO’S Shiatsu Massager can also be added to your nightly routine. With just 20 minutes of use, the Neck Comforter can help you relax your neck muscles before you go to bed. By massaging the muscles and improving nerve circulation, you may find yourself feeling more relaxed as you get ready for a good night's rest.

If you enjoy sleeping on your side, resting with a pillow between your legs can also help with frequent spinal pain. Positioning a large pillow between your knees keeps your spine from curving along with the shape of your mattress. 

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