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A delicious ginseng-based tea with 10 natural ingredients including hibiscus flowers, astragalus root, and guarana extract. Vitali-Tea is a great way to boost vitality any time of the day!

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What is Vitali-Tea?

DR-HO'S® Vitali-Tea is a ginseng-based tea that consists of natural ingredients that boost immunity levels and assist with the natural process of digestion. This tea is designed to increase energy levels to allow you to feel active throughout the day. Vitali-Tea is a more sustainable source of energy than the short-term rush you experience from a morning cup of coffee. Vitali-Tea provides energy without a dramatic crash, caffeine jitters, or an uncomfortable digestive system. Vitali-Tea is a perfect start to the morning and a great addition to a healthy diet.


How does Vitali-Tea work?

DR-HO'S® Vitali-Tea works just like traditional tea and can be steeped for 2-5 minutes and enjoyed while hot. The natural Siberian Ginseng root in the tea has relaxing effects on the body and has been recognized as capable of preventing cold and flu symptoms by increasing energy, longevity, and vitality. The tea also contains hibiscus flowers, an ingredient that has been seen to relieve digestive, immune system, and inflammatory problems. The sweet orange peels, apple fruit, orange leaves, and other natural flavours contribute to a delicious and refreshing taste. 


Why would someone use Vitali-Tea?

The Vitali-Tea could be the perfect start to your day if you find yourself tired, sluggish, and low energy, if you have negative symptoms from a high-caffeine intake, if you have digestive problems, or if you simply want to try a delicious and all-natural ginseng tea. 


What Ingredients are in Vitali-Tea?

The DR-HO'S® Vitali-Tea is composed of completely natural ingredients including:

•Hibiscus flowers
•Sweet orange peels
•Apple fruit
•Siberian ginseng root
•Yerba mate leaves
•Astragalus root
•Orange leaves
•Natural flavours
•Guarana extract


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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Treatable Conditions

How DR-HO'S® Vitali-Tea can help you


DR-HO'S Vitali-Tea assists with fatigue and flu-like symptoms by helping with the following conditions:


• Low immune system levels
• Restlessness and exhaustion
• Digestive problems
• Constipation
• Joint inflammation
• Cold and flu symptoms
• Cramps

Directions For Use

How to use DR-HO'S® Vitali-Tea


DR-HO'S® Vitali-Ti is as simple as making a cup of tea. In fact, that's exactly what you need to do. Whenever you need an extra boost of energy, feeling flu-like symptoms or experiencing any digestive problems follow these three steps: boil, steep, and enjoy. Each package comes with 30 tea-bags - an entire month's supply! Indulge in the great taste and health benefits you'll experience by making Vitali-Tea apart of your daily routine.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does it contain caffeine?


No. DR-HO'S® Vitali-Tea contains nothing but all natural ingredients.



What are the natural ingredients?


DR-HO'S® Vitali-Tea is composed of  the following natural ingredients:

•Hibiscus flowers 
•Sweet orange peels 
•Apple fruit 
•Siberian ginseng root 
•Yerba mate leaves 
•Astragalus root 
•Orange leaves 
•Natural flavours 
•Guarana extract



How does it work with colds and cases of flu?


Dr-HO'S® Vitali-Tea contains Siberian Ginseng root that is known for its relaxant and cold and flu prevention. Additionally, it increases energy, longevity, and vitality.



How does it help with digestion?


Dr-HO'S® Vitali-Tea contains hibiscus flowers which contain digestive relieving properties.