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Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit

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Four Pairs Of Large Gel Pads For Large Muscle Groups. 


DR-HO'S® Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit comes complete with 4 pairs of replacement gel pads. Use the Large Flex Tone Pads for a deeper penetrating and more soothing massage. The extra deep relaxation effects will feel great on large muscle areas and relieve muscle tension, numbness, and pain. 


High-Quality & Reusable.  


These long-lasting and super conductive gel pads are specially designed to maximize the effects of the Pain Therapy System, are hypoallergenic and can be used 70-100 times. With a cloth backing, they also adhere securely to muscles during a therapy session. 


Great For Shoulder Pain. 


DR-HO'S Large Gel Pads can be placed on the shoulder and rotator cuff region to help alleviate difficult shoulder pain caused by posture, sports, or injury. The large gel pads cover increased surface area and help to provide effective temporary pain relief and relief for muscle tightness and soreness.


Use Them For Leg Pain. 


Many DR-HO'S customers report frequent pain and numbness in the thigh and knee region. The large gel pads provide a more intensive session for leg pain with the ability to cover large areas of both the thigh and leg.


Effective For Wrist & Arm Pain. 


If you or a loved one spend long hours typing or are feeling pain, numbeness, or soreness in the upper and lower arm region, the DR-HO'S large gel pads can help to relieve symptoms quickly and effectively. With many different placement opportunities, the large gel pads provide coverage that can provide relief for the whole arm.



*DR-HO'S® unit required for operation. Unit not included with purchase. Can be used with any DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy System.* 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.






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Treatable Conditions

Treatable Conditions

How The Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit Can Help You.


The Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit can be used to with any of DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy Systems. The Large Gel Pads can help provide relief for: 


• Shoulders

• Lower Back

• Hips

• Knees

• Rotator Cuffs

• Thighs

• Calves

Directions For Use

Directions For Use

How To Use The Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit. 


DR-HO'S® Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit contains electrode gel pads that are sized to provide an extra deep, penetrating, and soothing massage. The relaxation effects will feel great on large muscle areas and relieve muscle tension, numbness and pain.


Step 1: Attach the Large Gel Pads to the connecting wire.


Step 2: Peel off the plastic protective cover. Please keep this cover, as you will need to cover the Large Gel Pads after use.


Step 3: Apply water to the sticky surface of the gel pad and wait several seconds.


Step 4: Apply the Large Gel Pads to the muscles that need relief.


Step 5: Connect the wire to the Pain Therapy System.


Step 6: Enjoy the massage and let the Pain Therapy System soothe away your pain.


Step 7: After each use, please replace the plastic protective cover onto the sticky side of the Large Gel Pads. You can also store the pads in the white plastic tray.



Frequently Asked Questions

The Large Gel Pads are not sticking to my skin, what should I do? 


Try to re-apply a small amount water to the sticky surface of the gel pad and wait a few seconds before placing them on your body. Please take a look at the Directions For Use page for more information.


How do the Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit work without a TENS unit? 


The Large Gel Pads Replacement Kit does not work on its own, a DR-HO'S TENS unit is required for operation and is not included with purchase. 


I want to replace the wires connected to the Large Gel Pads. Are they included here? 

No, the wires attached to the gel pads are called Lead Wires and are not included here. Lead Wires are used to connect the Large Gel Pads to the TENS device.