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Understanding Back Pain

Back pain sufferers know that whether it is a dull ache or a sharp and pain, it’s debilitating. We assume back pain is more common as you get older, however, as much as 80% of the population will experience back problems in their lifetime – regardless of their age. Discover informative articles, helpful tips, and customer stories to help relieve your back pain.

Introduction to Back Pain

Back pain may occur from a strain or other structural problems. Muscles and ligaments are strained with improper lifting techniques and sudden, awkward movements. A structural problem has several origins:


  • Ruptured discs
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Abnormal curvature of the spine
  • Osteoporosis

Back pain can manifest as acute pain or chronic pain. Acute pain lasts less than 3-6 months and is often a result of a strain.


Chronic pain can cause ongoing discomfort usually from a structural condition. It is important to identify the form of back pain you are experiencing to find the solution that will get you back to living pain-free.


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Facts about Back Pain

  • The leading cause of disability in men over 45 years old.


  • The second most common reason for a visit to a primary care doctor.


  • The third most frequent reason for surgical procedures.


  • The fifth most frequent cause of hospitalization.

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